What We Believe


We are commited to our products, families and friends. Work - Play balance is important to us along with healthy lifestyles. Hanging in nature is our happy place. Conservation of the planet and especially the oceans is a priority. Supporting local communities is a part of our business model. We set aside a portion of all sales to fund charity causes. Volunteering makes friends out of strangers. We give of our time regularly. Making a difference starts with enthusiastic individuals that care doing tiny things that add up to impactful change. Giving back matters!  



100% Natural

Our innovative blends are globally sourced from premium natural ingredients that are organically grown and sustainably harvested. Our products are clinically validated, backed by science and an integral part of a daily healthy self-care routine.

Environmentally Responsible

SunTru is dedicated to protecting our planet for future generations. Our products come in reusable glass jars with metal lids. We also utilize eco-friendly recycled packaging derived from natural sources. Going green is good!

Community Driven

SunTru believes in giving back on a variety of levels to community based organizations. Proceeds from every sale are dedicated to support diversity, sustainability, education and preservation of our amazing planet. We are proud to currently be assisting Waterfront Education. Discover their amazing marine science and ocean conservation programs.