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Taken daily ULTRA 3 helps your body protect itself 24/7 from damaging free radicals, while minimizing premature aging and UV damage.*

ULTRA 3 contains no sugar, salt, dairy, gluten, soy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Use SunTru products as a part of a comprehensive sun protections plan that includes sunscreen, protective clothing/hats and proper shade management.


Protect your skin from the INSIDE with SunTru - ULTRA 3 daily supplement. Our unique blend of powerful natural antioxidants helps your body defend itself from free radical sun damage while minimizing signs of aging and promoting vibrant youthful skin.*

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What our sun squad members are saying ...

Lynn Z.

As an avid beach volleyball player I am always looking for ways to protect my skin. I NEVER thought about adding a supplement. Makes sense though - I take vitamins to stay healthy in other ways. I love how this product has improved my skin. SunTru - ULTRA 3 is total must!

Robert A.

I am not great about applying sunscreen. ULTRA 3 gives me an extra level of protection so I can stay outside longer while feeling good about protecting myself and my body.

Lorraine P.

As I age I am trying to find ways to stay young and healthy while still enjoying the sun that I love. ULTRA 3 is definitely a part of my daily skin routine. I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin. It took a few weeks for my body to adjust but the results were worth the wait.