Founder - Julie Coll

I am always amazed by the twists and turns that my life's journey has taken. I didn't start out intending to create a new supplement. This endeavor was born out of frustration and a strong desire to protect my skin.

I am passionate about sailing and spend many hours weekly out on the ocean racing, cruising and teaching. Freedom and happiness for me is being out on the ocean enjoying the great outdoors. There is nothing better then when the dolphins and whales come out to play! I began to notice the toll my skin was taking from all the sun exposure. Many of my boating friends have had to deal with skin cancer on one level or another. I didn't want to be one of them.

I set out on a quest to help my body protect and repair my damaged skin. Giving up the sun and sailing was not an option! After much research and many discussions with scientists and chemists, I created SunTru and ULTRA 3 for all of us that adore being outdoors in nature. Add ULTRA 3 to your daily routine and extend your sunshine time!


Our Mission

Helping people enjoy nature and the great outdoors while supporting healthy skin fitness by providing products that use sustainable practices not harmful to people, animals or the planet.




Our Values

- We believe people should discover their passions and empower others to do the same while sharing the joy of the journey. 


Sustainability - We are committed to the future for our planet community. We understand the significance of physically connecting out in nature and the importance of protecting it.


Diversity - We strive to create and nurture a global culture that respects and embraces diversity, equality and inclusion for all.